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The stopwatch is ticking. The race is on

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

2024 is set to kick off with an epic challenge in support of Race Against Dementia. The boat, Destiny’s Tide, will be embarking on one of the toughest endurance events in the world, the Atlantic Dash.

Imagine rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, covering 5,000km from Lanzarote to Antigua’s Jolly Harbour. That’s the adventure this rowing team is gearing up for!

And if that wasn’t challenging enough, Destiny’s Tide is also on a mission to help in our race to find a cure for dementia.

Meet the Destiny’s Tide team:

The two-man team is Neil Glover and Jason Black.

neil glover rowing for race against dementia
Neil Glover
jason black - commitment to join the Race to find a cure for dementia
Jason Black

For Neil, this voyage marks the realisation of a 5-year dream. With relentless physical training over the past year, rowing the Atlantic Ocean is not just a test of endurance—it’s pushing the limits of what humans can withstand. Neil sees this challenge as an opportunity to leave a legacy and make a difference in the battle to beat dementia. His commitment is fuelled by a desire to help find a cure, and every oar stroke counts towards that goal.

Race Against Dementia Pull Quote

With the realisation that there is no current cure – this has made me very motivated to join the race against dementia

“Having personally seen and heard first-hand accounts of the detrimental effects to individuals and families at the hands of dementia, and, with the realisation that there is no current cure – this has made me very motivated to join the race against dementia, at pace, to help.” ~ Neil Glover

Jason’s initial motivation was a personal quest to complete the trilogy of summiting Mount Everest and K2, and now rowing 50 days unaided across the Atlantic. That being said, Jason’s journey with this challenge has taken a profound turn as he is now deeply committed to supporting our Fellows’ groundbreaking research into a cure for dementia.

We were on a nine-metre boat, but never felt alone. You were pulling the oars with us.

Race Against Dementia Pull Quote

“In my deepest darkest moments on the boat, when I feel like giving up or giving in – I can’t ever and never will, as knowing each row stroke means so much to so many.” ~ Jason Black

How you can join the journey:

Race Against Dementia Fellow, Dr Emily Lane-Hill with Jason Black

With Jason and Neil due to arrive in Lanzarote mid-December for the last stages of preparation, there is still a little time for you to be part of this massive effort.

Destiny’s Tide, the rowing boat, is more than just a vessel—it’s a floating billboard that will be seen worldwide. This challenge presents a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to align with a project that embodies their core values while supporting our urgent cause.

There are still a few sponsorship opportunities available. Destiny’s Tide is looking for:

  • Loved Ones: £25 to put your message and a name on the rowing deck of Destiny’s Tide.
  • 250 Club Sponsors: £250 to put your name or company (excluding logos) on Destiny’s Tide with your branding on the crew’s website and more.
  • 4 x Bronze Sponsors: £1,000 to put your branding or logo on Destiny’s Tide and on the crew’s website with links to your webpage and more.
  • 10 x Silver Sponsors: £7,500 to put your brand or logo on Destiny’s Tide, the crew’s website with a link to your webpage and on any printed material and more.
  • 3 x Gold Sponsors: £15,000 for prominent positioning of your branding or logo on Destiny’s Tide, the crew’s website and on any printed materials and more.

It is with great pleasure we’re able to announce that Destiny’s Tide’s Headline sponsor is Optical Express. The Loved One and Club Sponsors are also increasing day by day.

The Destiny’s Tide team are open to creating exciting packages that benefit both the sponsors and the transatlantic mission. So, if you would like to discuss any of these opportunities, please email fundraising@raceagainstdementia.com before Wednesday 15th November 2023. We want you to be part of this challenge too so we can beat dementia – together!

You can also support Destiny’s Tide by donating here or via your mobile:

Text “Destiny” to 70470 to donate £5
Text “Destiny” to 70450 to donate £10
Text “Destiny” to 70460 to donate £20

There are lots of ways you can support us. In doing so, you can make a huge difference to research, join the race today.

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