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Accelerating Research

Years of research have gone into dementia, culminating in a far greater understanding of the diseases that cause the condition, but there are currently still no effective treatments or preventions.
Our ambition is to accelerate this research by reaching around the world to discover a new generation of scientists eager to break new ground, not only to find a prevention or treatment but – perhaps more importantly – to develop a new culture of innovation and speed.

A Revolution

This revolutionary innovation may be found in the institutions that have been tirelessly working towards a cure for decades, or by those that have recently embarked on the search of a cure.
The brain is undoubtedly the most complex component of the human body. Our ambition is to succeed in finding a cure.
Some in the establishment will no doubt be sceptical. However, there have been many achievements in science and technology over the last 20 years that have changed the world in so many different avenues. Dementia is the next frontier.

Challenging the global community

We are challenging the brightest minds across the global scientific community to think differently and find new ways of doing business. This will allow us to find better prevention or diagnosis strategies and accelerate our search for treatments or a cure.
To beat dementia, we will need substantial resources to find a way to cure and prevent this terrible global problem.


Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new treatments and preventions that will beat dementia.

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