Dr Claire Durrant: Locked-out of the lab: time to think?

The full publication of Claire’s paper published with Tara Spires-Jones and PHD student Sarah Kent can be found at When you look inside the brain of someone who died from Alzheimer’s disease, it can...

Posted 29 Jul 2020

A Passionate sir jackie speaks to Good morning britain

Sir Jackie appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning and spoke about his experiences with dementia, highlighting the dreadful lack of funding and progress in research. The additional £1.5 million in funding through our partnership...

Posted 16 Jul 2020

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Applications now open for more new RAD Fellows

Following last week’s announcement of a new collaboration with Dementia Australia, today we are opening applications to further expand our global team of early career scientists: the RAD Fellows.  In 2019 we appointed three Race...

Posted 13 Jul 2020