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Race against dementia international hub is collaborations with research centres of excellence worldwide


Collaborations with research centres of excellence worldwide

Forging strong alliances with research centres of excellence worldwide. Dementia is a global crisis, and a breakthrough could come from anywhere in the world. The international reach of RAD can bring world class dementia researchers together from across the globe.

RAD International Hubs are projects that enable cross-border collaboration. RAD funds are used for research, equipment and talent. Projects are spearheaded by a professor working closely with an appointed RAD Associate – a brilliant investigator who aligns with the RAD vision of disruptive change and acceleration of progress. RAD Associates, like all RAD Fellows, are offered lessons in the Formula 1 mindset.

Current partnerships include the University of Edinburgh with the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam. The aim is that these created links will spark new ways of approaching the dementia challenge.

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The Race Against Dementia Drug Discovery to Clinical Trial Project is a University of Edinburgh and the Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam research partnership. The programme accelerates the discovery of new treatments for dementia and tests existing drug compounds – tracking promising targets towards clinical trials.