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Race Against Dementia ARUK FELLOWSHIP

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Supporting early career dementia researchers in the UK

Race Against Dementia with Alzheimer’s Research UK Fellowships empower exceptional early-career scientists to explore ground-breaking solutions to the complex challenges of dementia research.

Grants of up to £500,000 can be utilised for up to five years, extending beyond the typical three-year Fellowship duration. This allows researchers to conduct more extensive and imaginative research.

Funding covers salaries, research equipment, travel expenses and research assistance. Additionally, financial support is provided for collaborations with international academic and commercial partners.

To apply for the Fellowship, visit the Alzheimer’s Research UK website.

Our Race Against Dementia ARUK Fellows are:

Dr Cara Croft

University College London, UK
Exploring how genetic risk factors can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and whether these genetic pathways can be targeted with future drugs.

Dr Claire Durrant

University of Edinburgh, UK
Claire uses post-mortem human brain tissue and organotypic cultures to study synapse loss mechanisms in Alzheimer’s and related diseases at her Edinburgh research laboratory.

Dr Christy Hung

University College London/Francis Crick Institute, UK
Investigating the role of autophagy – a cellular ‘garbage disposal’ system that removes and recycles damaged material to prevent the build-up of toxic waste within the cells.

Dr Emily Lane-Hill

University of Warwick, UK
Researching how clumps of tau inside neurons can alter their function and their ability to communicate with other neurons.

Dr Maura Malpetti

University of Cambridge, UK
Understanding the role of inflammation in dementia and symptom progression by testing special brain scans and blood tests to measure and predict the illness.

Dr Aitana Sogorb-Esteve

University College London, UK
Investigating what goes wrong in the connections between brain cells (synapses) by studying the proteins that are found within them.

Dr Wioleta Zelek

Cardiff University, UK
Researching overactivity in the membrane attack complex (MAC) – a complex of proteins typically formed on the surface of pathogen cell membranes – and how to mitigate it. The inflammation it causes is an important driver of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Jake Brooks

University of Warwick, UK
Investigating how air pollution can contribute to different types of dementia and studying the effects of metal pollution particles that make their way into the brain.

Dr Amy Lloyd

University of Dundee, UK
Investigating the complex interplay between microglia and Alzheimer’s disease.


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