Help us in the race against dementia

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Supporting pioneering scientific research across the world

The Race Against Dementia Fellowship Programme enables some of the most promising international scientific talent to work towards a breakthrough in the cure or prevention of dementia. The aim is to catalyse research work by driving a shift in culture informed by the problem-solving mindset seen in Formula 1 and other leading technology companies. RAD also works to establish disruptive collaborations across disciplines and institutions, to fast-track progress.

Help us in the race against dementia

Raise money for much needed research and help us to beat dementia by joining the Race.

RAD DARF Fellowship

The Race Against Dementia – Dementia Australia Research Foundation (DARF) Postdoctoral Fellowship programme supports early career researchers in the field of dementia prevention or treatment working in Australia. RAD Fellows chosen for this grant also participate in the RAD Fellowship Programme.

RAD ARUK Fellowship

In collaboration with Alzheimer’s Research UK, these RAD Fellowships are awarded to early career dementia researchers in the UK.

RAD MAYO Clinic Fellowship

RAD Mayo Clinic Fellowship funds early career dementia researchers within Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA.

Our RAD Fellows and RAD Associates

Meet our RAD Fellows and RAD Associates from across the world – all working towards the prevention or a cure of dementia.

Drug discovery to clinical trial project

A joint research partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for dementia and to test drug compounds against models of dementia.

Accelerating Research

Race Against Dementia researchers are awarded a pioneering package of support alongside the research funding. This includes leading development opportunities, drawn from the high-performance culture found within Formula 1 and other innovative technology companies.

RAD Accelerator Pool

Flexible seed funding for unexpected breakthroughs. RAD awards funds to exploit research opportunities and to avoid shelving high potential ideas.

Help us in the race against dementia

Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions. 

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Helen Stewart - HELP US IN THE RACE AGAINST DEMENTIA Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions.
Sir Jackie Stewart OBE in his Tyrell race car for Race Against Dementia