We exist to beat dementia


Get involved and join the race

As a charity, we depend on the kindness and generosity of our supporters.

By supporting Race Against Dementia, you can help talented research scientists continue to seek preventative treatments and cures for dementia.

We apply an F1 mindset: innovation, resilience, teamwork and detail when training and supporting our researchers. Our goal is to help these bright minds fast-track dementia research and become leaders in their field.

We can use this mindset together to raise funds and beat dementia – faster.
in support of race against dementia

Donations and Fundraising

Your support can make a huge difference. Make a one off or regular donation. Join an organised event, give in memory of someone you cared about or create your own challenge. Fundraise solo, with friends, family, or with your local community.

Partnerships and Philanthropy

Companies and Philanthropists can help us accelerate progress. Through collaboration, teamwork and mutual partnerships, we’ll engineer our support to your charitable and ESG goals. From fundraising to supporting our mentorship programme, there are multiple ways to get involved.


Join our campaign to raise £3.75M to fast-track a cure for dementia. This is your opportunity to join the race to beat dementia faster.


Volunteering is an effective way to raise awareness and support Race Against Dementia. Usually this will be at an event where we need an extra pair of hands.


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