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Sir Jackie Stewart OBE


University of Warwick, UK

Jake’s research investigates how air pollution can contribute to different types of dementia. He is studying the effects of metal pollution particles that make their way into the brain. He will investigate the properties of these particles and how they interact with proteins in Alzheimer’s disease to cause damage to brain cells.

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“We know air pollution poses a danger to our health but there is evidence it puts us at greater risk of dementia. In my Fellowship I am exploring how pollution particles may accumulate and distribute in the brain.”

Dr Jake Brooks

Jake originally trained as an engineer and will apply his technical expertise to this pioneering project. He uses advanced chemical imaging techniques to study the olfactory bulb – this part of the brain is responsible for our sense of smell but is also a region affected in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The olfactory bulb is also particularly vulnerable to the deposition of air pollutant particles inhaled through the nose. Jake is investigating any potential links.

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