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Dr Bhuvaneish T Slevaraj

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Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Race Against Dementia Fellow

University of Edinburgh

Dr Bhuvaneish T Selvaraj is an engineering graduate from Anna University in Tamil Nadu, India. He has a PhD in neurobiology at University of Wuerzburg, Germany. In 2014, he moved to University of Edinburgh, undertaking post-doctoral research on human stem cell disease modelling of neurodegenerative diseases ­– in 2020 he was awarded a Chancellor’s fellowship.

Bhuvaneish plays a key role in the Race Against Dementia Drug Discovery to Clinical Trial Project, a Race Against Dementia initiative bringing together scientists from Edinburgh and Amsterdam.

Bhuvaneish is investigating the mechanisms that result in the vulnerability of neurons in neurodegenerative diseases like motor neuron disease and frontotemporal dementia, utilising patient-derived stem cell models. He is translating his findings into high-throughput drug screening platforms, enabling the rapid identification of novel therapeutics.

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