Mission and Vision

"Working faster and smarter, together we can beat dementia"

Race Against Dementia raises and allocates funds to accelerate global research and development in the race to find a prevention or treatment for dementia.

Our vision is a breakthrough in the prevention or treatment of dementia with the greatest of urgency.

Helen Stewart, Austrian Grand Prix Zeltweg 1973

The race is on to find a breakthrough in the prevention or treatment of dementia.

We do this through our 4 key principles:

  • NEW TALENT. Identifying and financially backing the most talented early-career researchers.
  • INNOVATION. We provide catalyst funding, enabling researchers to pursue innovative ideas at the highest level, that might not get funded by the mainstream.
  • SPEED. We aim to instil a ‘Formula 1 attitude’ in attention to detail and urgency, to accelerate the pace of solutions development.
  • GLOBAL. We form strong alliances with research centres of excellence on a global basis.