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What are common dementia symptoms?

As a very rough guide, the early stage of dementia lasts on average about two years.

In the early stage of dementia, the following common symptoms start to affect the person’s daily life:

  • Memory problems
  • Difficulties in thinking things through and planning
  • Language and communication
  • Poor orientation
  • Visual-perceptual difficulties
  • Changes in mood or emotion

If you are affected by dementia, worried about a diagnosis or a carer, please contact Alzheimer’s Society.

Visuospatial difficulties happen when the brain has trouble processing information about 3D objects. For example, they might misjudge depth, speeds or distances, which could affect their driving and their ability to move around safely.

The brain’s temporal and parietal lobes are involved in recognising faces and objects, and in judging distances. If those lobes become damaged, a person with dementia may have problems recognising faces or objects.

This causes misidentification.

This happens in some but not all dementias.

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