Social Media and Brand Guidelines

Use of the Race Against Dementia Logo is permitted under the following terms and by using the logo you are agreeing to the below.
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Social Media Policy

  1. The Race Against Dementia logo may not be used on a social media channels that are not officially managed by Race Against Dementia. Doing so would be a conflict of interest for the official channels in terms of audience and branding. The Race Against Dementia logo may be used on promotional material such as websites to support the event as well as offline marketing channels with a header ‘In Support Of’ on the official logo.
  2. Race Against Dementia supply an “In Support of Race Against Dementia” logo for use on social media event promotion.
  3. Race Against Dementia or RAD can be used in the description of the event’s bio but as for the RAD logo, Race Against Dementia or RAD cannot be used as a social media handle or as a name for any social media channel that doesn’t officially belong to the charity.
  4. Fundraising events must have stand-alone social media channels with their independent branding. It must be clear who is organising the event and that the event is fundraising in support of Race Against Dementia.
  5. Race Against Dementia’s social media can support third party fundraising events through the official channels by tagging the event’s social media channels and sharing hashtags that are specific to the third party’s fundraising event.
  6. The fundraising event’s social media channels may use their own photography from the event and when sharing Race Against Dementia’s images, credit must be given to @racingdementia.


Use of Logo on Branded Items

Race Against Dementia give permission for the ”In Support of Race Against Dementia” Logo and supported symbol to be used on items to promote fundraising for the charity. This could be in the form of posters, leaflets, clothing and decals. Where possible, The Race Against Dementia colour should be used

Pantone®C 2175C

Pantone®U Pro,BlueU

CMYK 100, 47, 0, 0

RGB 0, 66, 255

For further discussion about logo use on other items not specified above or for further clarification, please email