Help us in the race against dementia

RAD Accelerator Pool

Flexible seed funding for unexpected breakthroughs

Research funding is often fixed to a set body of work, but scientific discovery rarely follows a linear path. There are new leads or unexpected breakthroughs. Additional funds are needed to quickly exploit these opportunities and to avoid shelving high potential ideas.

The RAD Accelerator Pool supports exceptional scientists in their dementia research. It takes inspiration from the fast-moving world of Formula 1, when if a problem arises the team work immediately to find a solution. Applications for up to £100k and are assessed by RAD’s expert scientific panel, which convenes at least twice a year. Funding can be used for equipment, headcount or research costs.

Hear what people affected by dementia have to say about Race Against Dementia
“I took it for granted that if an unexpected problem was identified on my car, the team would resolve it straight away – a problem-solving mentality was always applied. The fact that this can’t always happen in the medical research world is absurd. I hope this pool of funds will leave no stone unturned in our fight against dementia.”
sir jackie stewart, obe
Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE

Do you have an idea to accelerate dementia research?

Applications are open to dementia researchers to explore side projects and ideas in parallel to their core research. The lead applicant must be UK-based but the application can include researchers or institutions outside the UK. The scheme is targeted at early and mid-career researchers, including current and past RAD Fellows and RAD Associates, however applications from more senior researchers will also be considered. The award provides flexible seed funding to a maximum of £100,000 per application. To apply, prepare an expression of interest document to include the following:

There is a two-page limit for the application. Please email your application to by Friday 9th June at 4pm.

The review panel will award grants on scientific merit and on the quality of the application and applicants. The Grant Panel Members will review all applications in advance of a panel meeting and then discuss and score each before making recommendations for funding. These recommendations will be presented to the Race Against Dementia trustees for final approval. The terms and conditions of the grant will be outlined in a contract drawn up once the grants have been awarded.

Help us in the race against dementia

Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions. 

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Helen Stewart - HELP US IN THE RACE AGAINST DEMENTIA Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions.
Sir Jackie Stewart OBE in his Tyrell race car for Race Against Dementia