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Formula 1 and Race Against Dementia

Every Formula 1 race presents a momentous challenge that must be executed with precision and intelligence by a large and diverse team. From race strategy to detailed mechanics, each team is relentless in its drive to succeed, working together to achieve the most advanced technological solutions.

Race Against Dementia believes that these values will deliver results in the laboratory as well as on the racetrack. RAD is not just funding research but encouraging dementia researchers to adopt this forward-thinking mindset.

Collaborating with leading training organisations used by Formula 1 and other technology industries enables RAD Fellows and RAD Associates to develop agility, a dynamic attitude and a dedication to drive results in their work.

Industrial collaborations and mentoring opportunities with organisations such as Dyson, Red Bull Racing and McLaren give RAD Fellows and RAD Associates first hand exposure to the problem-solving techniques used to drive forward these innovative organisations. Applying this mentality has the potential to accelerate the pace of change and drive a culture shift in medical research.

Hear what people affected by dementia have to say about Race Against Dementia
“People haven’t thought of working in this way because biology and engineering are two disciplines that normally sit on parallel tramlines. I can’t think of any other science scheme where you get access to different people and game-changing resources in the same way that you do with Race Against Dementia.”

Dr Claire Durrant

Raise money for much needed research and help us to beat dementia by joining the race. join the race

Help us in the race against dementia

Raise money for much needed research and help us by joining the Race.

RAD Development Programme Race Against Dementia Fellows are provided with development opportunities, drawn from high performance commercial enterprises, including F1 teams, as a way of experimenting with and creating new ways of working in dementia research.

RAD Development Programme

Race Against Dementia researchers are awarded a pioneering package of support alongside the research funding. This includes leading development opportunities, drawn from the high-performance culture found within Formula 1 and other innovative technology companies. The aim is to maximize the academic and personal potential of each researcher, allowing them to fast-track dementia research and become a leader in their field.

Industry collaboration

Industrial collaborations provide insight for RAD researchers into teamwork and the pace of change that is possible for teams with the right mindset. RAD researchers have gained first-hand exposure to come of these innovative organisations, such as on factory tours to Red Bull, McLaren Technology Centre and Dyson.
Industry collaboration Grand Prix racing thrives on innovation, skill and passion. It has seen one of the fastest technological change of any business, industry or sport in the world.
Given world-class resources, raw talent can be fast-tracked to greater success with mentoring, collaboration and teamwork.


Raw talent can be fast-tracked to greater success with mentoring, collaboration and teamwork. As part of a package of support, RAD matches researchers with one or more suitable mentors, often a Formula 1, industry or commercial professional. Working in an academic environment means that RAD Fellows and RAD Associates are often surrounded by many talented academics to supervise their research, however the aim of a mentor is to provide an alternative, helpful perspective from outside the medical world.

Ignition Performance

Ignition Human Performance uses the lessons from high-performance motorsport to unlock people performance. Ignition works with RAD researchers on leadership and teamwork, developing skills to take back to the laboratory. It has previously worked with Damon Hill’s charity, Halow, and other Formula 1 drivers.

Ignition Performance We’re delighted to be working with Ignition as they support the RAD Fellows with leadership and teamwork development training.
we have partnered with Hintsa to provide performance coaching for our four RAD Fellows.

Hintsa Performance

Hintsa provides performance coaching for our RAD Fellows and RAD Associates. The Hintsa Better Life Programme combines science, holistic methods and coaching to ensure maximum and efficient performance by following the principles of the Hintsa Wheel.

Hintsa is integral to the world of Formula 1. Hintsa-supported drivers have won 16 Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championships. Hintsa training encouragers the researchers to think through everything from physical activity and sleep to mental energy as well as personal core motivations and experiences and leaves them with techniques and methodologies to help guide their future work.

Help us in the race against dementia

Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions. 

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Helen Stewart - HELP US IN THE RACE AGAINST DEMENTIA Your donation will help fund ground breaking global research into new dementia treatments and preventions.
Sir Jackie Stewart OBE in his Tyrell race car for Race Against Dementia