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Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Race Against Dementia Fellow

University College London, UK

Dr Christy Hung focuses on autophagy – a cellular ‘waste disposal’ system that removes and recycles damaged material preventing toxic waste build-up within cells. Christy is investigating whether boosting this system presents a new approach to preventing, halting or reversing dementia.

Christy became interested in neuroscience as an undergraduate studying neural tube development. She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she focused on protein transportation inside nerve cells. After two years of postdoctoral training at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge she joined UCL in 2019 as a Race Against Dementia Fellow.

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“Formula 1 is famous for precision, innovation and taking a problem-solving approach. I try to apply this mindset to my research. I believe in the power of research to change the future and to protect the next generation from the heartbreak and fear of dementia.”

Dr Christy Hung

Christy’s research

Christy is exploring how genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease disrupt the brain’s waste disposal system – autophagy. The accumulation of excess protein can overload the autophagy system and disrupt its normal function.

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