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The stopwatch is ticking. The race is on

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Gear up, Formula 1 fans! The spectacular night race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit is just around the corner, bringing with it not just exhilarating speed and one of the longest races in the F1 calendar but a golden opportunity to drive change in dementia research.

As we prepare for the Singapore Grand Prix – a must-see race since 2008 known for its fast corners and challenging tracks – let’s also focus on an important mission, which embraces the teamwork that is central to F1 racing, our newly launched Teams campaign.

Teamwork is integral to F1 racing, combining skills, accuracy, and a constant push for the best. Similarly, Race Against Dementia Teams is looking to find and support promising teams of skilled researchers, using the focused and forward-thinking approach seen in F1 racing.

With grants of £750,000 each, Race Against Dementia Teams will help five teams of elite dementia researchers for five years. This money will pay for staff, equipment, and study expenses.

signed memorabilia from Sir Jackie and Mika Häkkinen
Mika Häkkinen

To help support our latest drive, Amber Lounge will be holding a charity auction at 1880 in Singapore on 15th September to raise funds for Sir Jackie’s Team.  The auction will include signed memorabilia from Sir Jackie and Mika Häkkinen, including a signed racing suit and other exciting F1 collectibles.

Alongside Sir Jackie’s Team, there will be four more Race Against Dementia Teams getting ready to race to victory, and they need a champion like you!

How thrilling would it be to have a team named after you or your company? What a great feeling would it be to back a team that creates game-changing advances in dementia research?

There are a few ways to help fuel our Race Against Dementia Teams mission and you can read more about how to get involved here.

There are lots of ways you can support us. In doing so, you can make a huge difference to research, join the race today.

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Dementia impacts memory, thinking and behaviour and includes several types of cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia.


The Race Against Dementia Fellowship Programme funds and supports the world’s most promising scientific talent. We back promising research projects that will accelerate progress towards a cure and treatment.


In this Memories series, our founder Sir Jackie Stewart OBE discusses memories of a remarkable life in motorsport, business and beyond.


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