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John Clark Motor Group Joins The Race Against Dementia


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Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Scotland’s leading family-owned auto business, John Clark Motor Group (JCMG) is embarking on a new venture to support Race Against Dementia.  

This move is the next chapter in their ongoing philanthropic work, emphasising the enduring friendship between JCMG’s founder John Clark OBE, who is a trustee of Race Against Dementia and three times F1 World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE. 

John Clark has been a wonderful supporter of Race Against Dementia for many years.  I am so grateful that the John Clark Motor Group and its dealerships are now backing Race Against Dementia.  

Race Against Dementia Pull Quote

“I would be so pleased if a cure for dementia was found in Scotland!”

There are three Race Against Dementia Fellows in Scotland, at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, all of whom are undertaking innovative research. I would be so pleased if a cure for dementia was found in Scotland! ~ Sir Jackie Stewart OBE 

Race Against Dementia Pull Quote

“I cannot imagine a life without memories and no longer having the ability to make a decision”

“Dementia is growing, it is not standing still and our aging population is fuelling and accelerating its growth. The work being done by Race Against Dementia is so important and their work is already seeing results.  

As a father and a grandfather, I cannot imagine a life without memories and no longer having the ability to make a decision. I am proud to be associated and continue my support for Race Against Dementia and the incredible work carried out by the Race Against Dementia Fellows.” ~ John Clark OBE 

JCMG’s fundraising drive aims to collect funds for dementia research as well as spreading awareness of the disease which devastates so many families. 

To show their support for this corporate partnership, all JCMG’s employees and JCMG’s dealerships who will also be fundraising are encouraged to use the hashtag #JCMGxRAD across social media channels.  Whether you are a business or an individual, looking to contribute to the fight against dementia, please visit our website to discover the various ways you can participate and join the race. You can also suppor

There are lots of ways you can support us. In doing so, you can make a huge difference to research, join the race today.

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Dementia impacts memory, thinking and behaviour and includes several types of cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia.


The Race Against Dementia Fellowship Programme funds and supports the world’s most promising scientific talent. We back promising research projects that will accelerate progress towards a cure and treatment.


In this Memories series, our founder Sir Jackie Stewart OBE discusses memories of a remarkable life in motorsport, business and beyond.


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