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Italian Grand Prix: Steering the Race Against Dementia to Monza


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The stopwatch is ticking. The race is on

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

Rapido! Get ready for the thrill of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. It’s a race synonymous with high speeds and intense competition.

This track is legendary, especially because of Sir Jackie Stewart’s unforgettable wins. His wins at Monza stand as a testament to his skill, determination, and unmatched racing spirit.

Monza itself is a temple of speed. It’s the thrill of ‘La Pista Magica’ where cars are at full throttle for 80% of the lap and reach dizzying speeds on the 1.1km start/finish straight. It’s difficult to miss the adrenaline surge as drivers navigate tight chicanes in the historic park section, giving their brakes the ultimate test.

Speed is also at the heart of our dementia research with Race Against Dementia’s F1 mindset driving our Fellows in their urgent work to discover a cure or treatment for this global disease.

dr maura malpetti Race Against Dementia Fellow, University of Cambridge
Dr Maura Malpetti

Italian Race Against Dementia Fellow Dr Maura Malpetti will be with us at Monza to spread awareness about her dementia research. Imagine the human brain as a high-performance F1 race car engine—complex, powerful, but also vulnerable. Just like how debris on the track or mechanical issues can slow down a race car, harmful proteins and inflammation can build up in the brain, leading to dementias like frontotemporal lobar degeneration.

Race Against Dementia Pull Quote

I have so many memories growing up watching Formula 1

“The Monza GP is a very special event for me, as I have so many memories growing up watching Formula 1 here with my family. I am very excited to return as a Race Against Dementia Fellow, to have the opportunity to speak about the great international work of the charity with the Italian crowds and to raise awareness about dementia and our mission at home.” ~ Dr Maura Malpetti, Race Against Dementia Fellow

Maura is like the top-tier engineer working tirelessly in the pit lane: she uses cutting-edge ‘diagnostics’ like specialised brain scans and blood tests to identify the problems and find a fix. And here’s the kicker: her research aims to supercharge clinical trials, just like tweaking an F1 car for that extra bit of speed and reliability. You can learn more about Race Against Dementia’s researchers here and don’t forget you still have a chance to bid for a Ferrari Trento podium bottle signed by the top three winners of the Italian GP race.

Top image: Sir Jackie Stewart in his BRM H16 before the 1966 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Photo: Grand Prix Photo

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