Racing Awareness Scotland

Racing Awareness Scotland was founded in 2018 by Alex Milne after his wife Sheila’s passing following 3 years of living with dementia. It was set up by a group of friends involved in amateur motor racing in Scotland.

“With motorsport attracting widespread media coverage and valuable advertising opportunities we decided to offer that platform to our chosen charities. Since our formation we have raised over £15,000 for Alzheimer Scotland, Race Against Dementia and Support in Mind Scotland.

By coincidence, most of our team have seen the effects and impact of Dementia through the experience of family and friends with two of the team Principals being directly involved. Fiona Fahey has been a professional carer for 5 years and specialises in providing companionship for those living with dementia. She is passionate about the stimulation that art, music, dance and social interaction can give to those poor souls and more importantly brighten up their lives in what would otherwise be a very dark, lonely and frightening world.

I, Alex Milne cared for my wife Sheila for 3 years and am now actively campaigning to make the lives of those living with dementia a bit better. I am also keen to offer support to those family carers that could be struggling with their own experience with a loved one, mainly through discussion and counselling on an informal basis. In the 2 years since forming Racing Awareness Scotland we have formed valuable relationships with the senior management of our charities and hope to continue and increase our support in the coming years.” Alex Milne

Why did you choose to support RAD?

“The reasons we wished to adopt Race against Dementia as one of our charities is simple really. I knew that Sir Jackie Stewart’s charity had recently been formed to offer a new method of substantially improving the efficiency of research projects and, indeed attract new passionate brains into that research. He recruited the assistance of the world of Formula 1 and its super efficient systems of identifying a problem and designing and fast tracking a solution in the shortest timescale possible. We also felt that the world of F1 itself offered a platform through high net worth, high profile individuals offering the world its own efficient method of raising awareness from a top down approach. We of course at Racing Awareness Scotland do not operate at such high profile levels so at the other end of the motor racing scale we feel there is a valuable synergy between our organisations. We have a very high regard for R.A.D. as an organisation that gives us great hope for a cure for Dementia through improved research methods and at the other end of the spectrum believe that learning from the experiences of carers will assist that research and, in the meantime offer a lifeline to those currently living with the disease. The latter is the reason for supporting our other charities. Alzheimer Scotland and Support in Mind Scotland.

The final reason for wishing to support R.A.D. was personal. Sheila, had the same forms of dementia as Lady Helen, being Atypical Alzheimer’s and Frontotemporal Dementia.

We have struck up valuable relationships worldwide in our quest and are extremely active in social media circles. Please check out our Facebook pages at Racing Awareness Scotland, join in the fun and perhaps help spread awareness. In essence HELP US TO HELP OTHERS.” Alex Milne

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