Motorsport Tickets

We were thrilled when Motorsport Tickets asked to partner with Race against Dementia to assist in raising funds for research aimed at finding a prevention or treatment for the causes of dementia.   

Motorsport Tickets have developed a charity donation widget to feature as part of their checkout process. The widget offers all customers the opportunity to add an optional donation to Race Against Dementia as an integrated part of their customer journey with every purchase at 

In addition, Motorsport Tickets will support in building awareness for Race Against Dementia with a dedicated charities page and across its email and social channels that reach a global customer base. They will run marketing campaigns, endorsed by Race Against Dementia and Sir Jackie Stewart, that will aim to deliver engaging content showcasing the importance of protecting the amazing memories Motorsport Tickets help customers to make when they visit motorsport events and experiences.  

Memories: Support our fight to protect yours. 

We're thrilled at having been selected by Motorsport Tickets as a charity partner. We're grateful for their support, making it easy for anyone purchasing tickets to automatically make a contribution and join us in accelerating the Race Against Dementia.

Dr Penny Moyle, CEO, Race Against Dementia

Building a sense of community amongst our customers, who are connected by their passion for motorsport, is an integral pillar of what we’ve set out to do here at Motorsport Tickets. A key part of this involves utilising our platform to support those who need it most. We are excited to partner with Race Against Dementia to help them bring skills from F1 to research, protecting the memories we help fans to make.

Dale Ballentine, CEO, Motorsport Tickets