Emily and George

Meet Emily and George, they have just completed a 100km RACE AGAINST DEMENTIA challenge by running the last leg around The Orange at RAF Cranwell College Hall.

Their total so far is currently standing at £485.00 plus Gift Aid, smashing their target of £100.00.

In George’s words “it was the biggest day of my life” and Emily said “it’s been such a special day, not only did we run around The Orange but we hit our challenge target doing it. I’m so proud of what we’ve done together!”

We asked Emily and Georges Mum, Emma, why they chose to support RAD.

“Well, Emily and George knew from the concept of their challenge that they wanted to support a dementia charity as it’s a charity that is very close to our hearts and with the impact of COVID-19, the isolation and confusion sufferers feel must have been magnified 1000 fold.

Parents and Grandparents with dementia who’ve reached out to hug their children and grandchildren they haven’t seen for months only to be told we can’t hug because of COVID. The look of confusion and hurt, it’s not something we’ll forget. Now more than ever we need hope that we will beat dementia and every penny raised is taking us closer.

RAD was the obvious choice, we love its ethos and the fact that it was founded by people with personal experience means, to me, that the drive for success will be so much stronger. Similarly, when Emily and George wanted to stop, they tell me, that they were driven on by thoughts of our loved ones who are affected by dementia. It’s a cruel, merciless disease but one day we will beat it, together.”