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The Race Against Dementia Fellows

Dr Claire Durrant

Race Against Dementia Dyson Fellow

Dr Claire Durrant is relocating from Cambridge to Edinburgh to become the Race Against Dementia Dyson Fellow. The Fellowship is named in recognition of inventor and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson who is supporting the initiative with funding through the James Dyson Foundation.
Dr Durrant’s £500,000 project, funded by the James Dyson Foundation, will investigate the role of tau, a key protein implicated in both frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Over the five-year project, Dr Durrant will investigate the role of tau in keeping synapses – the connections between brain cells - healthy and how these change in Alzheimer’s disease.

The tau protein is an important target for future dementia treatments and understanding more about its role in Alzheimer’s disease will be key for the success of this approach.

Race Against Dementia Dyson Fellow, Dr Claire Durrant said:
“I’m so excited to start this new Fellowship - it’s a career-changing opportunity. I’ll be working with the best minds to help accelerate progress in dementia research. The Race Against Dementia Dyson Fellowship is unique, my mentors are world-leaders in their fields and the global collaborations this project affords will be key to this project’s success.

“I’m proud to be an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK and Race Against Dementia and I can’t thank Sir Jackie Stewart enough for his vision in bringing something different to dementia research, and the James Dyson Foundation for its generous support. I’m determined to show that early career researchers hold the key to tackling dementia for future generations and that by thinking differently about how we approach research, we can make breakthroughs possible.

Dr Christy Hung

Race Against Dementia Fellow - University College, London

Dr Hung will investigate whether boosting a process called autophagy, a sort of cellular ‘garbage disposal’ system, could present a new approach for treating the disease.

Cara Croft PHD

Race Against Dementia Fellow - University College, London

Dr Croft will be joining UCL from the University of Florida and will explore how genetic risk factors contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and whether these genetic pathways could be targeted with future Alzheimer’s drugs