Ignition Performance

We’re delighted to be working with Ignition as they support the RAD Fellows with leadership and teamwork development training.

Having previously worked with Damon Hill’s charity Halow, and well as other drivers in the racing fraternity, Ignition use the lessons from High-Performance Motorsport to Unlock People Performance.

We’re looking forward to seeing what impact Ignition’s sessions can make, and we’ll be sharing comments from our Fellows about this has positively impacted their performance.

“It’s shocking to see that around 850,000 people in the UK alone are currently suffering from Dementia right now, with 1 in 3 people born today expected to develop it within their lifetime.
Whilst we can’t proclaim that Ignition is going to find the cure, as that isn’t our area of expertise, we can do our bit and support the RAD Research Fellows who can! We will look at how they work together and use the lessons from Formula 1 to become a High-Performance team and develop their own leadership styles.
As a fellow dyslexic, I have a huge respect for the work Sir Jackie Stewart has done over the years to innovate and make dyslexia more manageable day to day. Now this is completely different challenge, but you know when he puts his mind to something, like with his campaigns and endless work for safety within motorsport, change is going to happen, and it's now time for us to play our part and help make these horrible diseases a thing of the past.”

Nick Butcher, Ignition Co-founder

“This is an exciting time for RAD, as we have just opened up our applications to take on more research fellows with Alzheimer’s Research UK and have also recently agreed a partnership with Dementia Australia Research Foundation.

Teamwork is a hallmark of Formula 1 racing, and something we want to emulate in dementia research. Each of the RAD Fellows is based in a different university around the world, where they work with their ‘home team’ on different aspects of the dementia puzzle. Additionally, we are bringing them together as a virtual RAD team, with the shared objective of accelerating progress in dementia research. I have no doubt that by bringing in Ignition, they will help support this objective, training our fellows in team skills that can be applied to all the teams they work in and lead.”

Dr Penny Moyle, RAD CEO