Hintsa Performance

As part of Race Against Dementia’s ongoing commitment to inject F1 attitude into the world of dementia research, we have partnered with Hintsa to provide performance coaching for our four RAD Fellows.

The Hintsa Better Life Programme combines science, holistic methods and coaching to ensure maximum and efficient performance by following the principles of the Hintsa Wheel.

Hintsa are integral to the world of Formula 1, with Hintsa-affiliated Formula 1 drivers having won the last 10 World Drivers’ Championships in succession, making a total of 14 World Championships. Over the past six seasons, 99% of the races and 97% of the available podium places have been won by a Hintsa-affiliated driver.

We look forward to sharing our Fellows’ experiences and learning as they use techniques and methodologies that will help to guide their work.

“It has been a pleasure to be involved in the Race Against Dementia project. Utilizing the experience I have gained in Formula One to help these 4 talented fellows with their extremely valuable work is an honour. We are a couple of months into the programme now and the fellows are focused on their individual aspects of personal well-being in order to assist their performance at work. We have discussed areas of physical activity, sleep and recovery, mental energy and their personal core motivations, and identity. We know all these areas can directly affect performance in sport at the Formula One race track, and the same can be said about performance within the dementia research laboratories. I look forward to our further meetings with the fellows, continuing to help them optimize their performance at work and overcome the challenges they face”

Dan Sims, Senior Performance Coach, Hintsa

The Hintsa Wheel

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