Culture Change

History has shown that challenging the status quo can bring bold solutions to problems in the world. Our commitment does exactly that.

Race Against Dementia integrates the spirit of Grand Prix racing to dementia research: Inspiration, drive, courage and urgency. We inject this spirit into our efforts, to find new ways of doing business and to achieve breakthrough results with pace.

I am now facing one of the biggest challenges of my life and will make sure, with a group of extraordinarily talented trustees and scientific advisors, that I put all my efforts into finding a cure for this horrendous illness, on a global basis.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Race Against Dementia works with some of the world’s leading dementia research organisations. With their expert scientific guidance, we will seek out and fund the most innovative and advanced research. Combining their scientific expertise with the cutting-edge of Formula One culture, we’ll be a catalyst for change, uniting the best minds across the fields of science and technology.

We will challenge them to tackle the diseases behind dementia from a new angle. By funding new approaches to this impending global crisis, we want to go beyond what has currently been achieved, by energising new approaches.

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