Industry Collaboration

Grand Prix racing thrives on innovation, skill and passion. It has seen the fastest technological change of any business, industry or sport in the world.

The stopwatch is ticking but we are determined to win the race. Failure is not an option. In the performance culture of F1 results are all that matter.
Every race presents a momentous challenge that must be executed with precision and intelligence by a large and diverse team. From race strategy to detailed mechanics, each team is relentless in their drive to succeed, working together to achieve the most advanced technological solutions.

Collaboration and teamwork: Jackie Stewart after winning his first ever Formula One Grand Prix, in his first season in F1 (1965)

We believe that these values will deliver results in the laboratory as well as on the race track. Race Against Dementia is collaborating with forward-thinking organisations in Formula One and other high-tech industries to bring the dynamic attitude, dedication and agility of Grand Prix teamwork to drive results in dementia research.

Red Bull Racing and McLaren have been generous in working with Race Against Dementia to host factory tours for our scientists, and to offer mentoring and advice as they work to accelerate the pace of results in dementia research.

The James Dyson Foundation fund the RAD-Dyson Fellow, Dr Claire Durrant, and additionally have created opportunities for Dr Durrant to work closely with Sir James Dyson and members of Dyson’s R&D team, to problem-solve in her quest to understand better the processes underlying dementia.

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