Dr Claire Durrant visits Dyson

Posted on the 8th July 2021

A busy week for RAD!

On Monday, Dr Claire Durrant, accompanied by Sir Jackie and Dr Penny Moyle, met with Sir James Dyson and his team at Dyson’s campus in Malmesbury. Claire’s Fellowship is funded by the James Dyson Foundation and this was an opportunity for Claire to update Sir James on her research progress, and also to work with some of the Dyson engineers and scientists to share ideas about how they might help accelerate her research.

Dyson is working on new battery technology, and in speaking with the scientists working in the team, it turns out that there are some interesting parallels between developing novel battery technologies and studying the brain.  For example, the Dyson team utilise Raman spectroscopy to characterise materials  – this high powered microscope detects chemical properties in samples, providing a different perspective to the photon microscope that Claire would normally use to look at brain tissue.  This technique has had limited application in the field of Dementia research before. The collaboration provides a means to couple Raman spectroscopy with Claire’s work and machine learning techniques. It’s very early stages but this may provide an opportunity to bring objectivity and efficiency, compared with current optical examination.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with Sir James Dyson and his brilliant team at Malmesbury. Throughout the day we discussed my latest findings and how we can collaborate to accelerate progress in dementia research. I’m very grateful for the support from the James Dyson foundation, Race Against Dementia and the countless fundraisers, supporters and families who make our research possible.’

Dr Claire Durrant

Sir Jackie with Sir James Dyson and RAD-Dyson Fellow Dr Claire Durrant.

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