Announcing a new RAD-Dementia Australia Research Foundation Fellow opportunity

Posted on the 28th July 2021

We’re proud to announce in partnership with Dementia Australia, the ‘Race Against Dementia – Dementia Australia Research Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship’ programme is again supporting an early career researcher in the field of dementia prevention or treatment. The new Fellow will join Dr Andrew McKinnon and Dr Kunle Bademosi as RAD/DARF Fellows.

Sir Jackie has also been honoured as a Patron of Dementia Australia. Sir Jackie said that he was delighted that Race Against Dementia and the Dementia Australia Research Foundation had been able to partnership to support another fellow. This demonstrates Race Against Dementia’s global commitment to funding dementia research.

The Chair of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation, Professor Graeme Samuel AC, said with an estimated half a million Australians living with dementia and the disease being the second leading cause of death of Australians and the leading cause of death of Australian women, research into dementia is now more urgent than ever.

“By supporting up-and-coming researchers, we will be able to target the brightest new minds whilst at a critical crossroads for choosing a research path,” Mr Samuel said.

“This means that we are not only supporting them to solve another piece of the dementia puzzle now, but hopefully cementing their career-long focus on dementia research.

Find out more about our latest opportunity with Dementia Australia here. Applications close on 23rd August.

“Since my wife, Helen, was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2014, I have tried to encourage more and better research into dementia. This disease kills so many people – we need to find more effective ways of dealing with it. One in three of people born today will die from dementia – unless we find a cure. For every one researcher into dementia there are more than four cancer researchers. We need more action and more financial support now” Sir Jackie said.

“The charity I founded, Race Against Dementia, is currently supporting ten fellows in their post-doctoral research. I am truly delighted that this joint programme with Dementia Australia will allow us to support another fellow.

“The race is on – we must beat this terrible disease before even more people, and their families, have to face dementia. This is the greatest challenge of my life.”

Sir Jackie Stewart

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