Race Against Dementia announce our new Fellows in partnership with the Dementia Australia Research Foundation

Posted on the 18th January 2021

Race Against Dementia (RAD) and the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (DARF) are proud to announce the appointment of two new research Fellows.

The RAD-DARF collaboration, announced in March 2020, further expands our network of global centres of excellence working together to beat dementia. Each grant awarded gives the recipient a total of $405,000AUD over a span of three years.

After a long and stringent application process, seeing more than 40 applicants submit for the grant, congratulations and welcome to Dr Andrew McKinnon from The University of Sydney and Dr Kunle Bademosi from The University of Queensland who join our team of researchers.

Dr Bademosi’s research will explore how and why frontotemporal dementia begins by using advanced imaging tools that have resolutions up to ten million times that of a standard digital camera. The results obtained will help scientists to produce drugs that target frontotemporal dementia.

Dr McKinnon’s research will comprehensively characterise sleep problems in older adults with early dementia or those at risk for dementia. This will include developing tools for clinicians to guide strategies for dementia management and prevention for individual patients.

To read more about their research plans, head over to our Fellows pages here.

Find out more about Dementia Australia’s partnership with RAD here.

Congratulations to Dr Bademosi and Dr McKinnon on being chosen from more than 40 high quality applications.
Race Against Dementia is building an international team of dementia scientists, who not only have their research funded, but also benefit from developmental opportunities, inspired by best practice in Formula 1 technology from both McLaren F1 and Red Bull Racing as well as other high tech commercial enterprises.
My wife, Helen, was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2014, and ever since then I have devoted my efforts globally to raise funds and stimulate breakthroughs and innovations in dementia research. I hope this award assists the recipients, and the research community more broadly, to apply a ‘Formula 1 attitude’ to work faster and smarter and continue to make breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of dementia.

Sir Jackie Stewart, Founder of Race Against Dementia & Honorary International Dementia Australia Ambassador

With dementia affecting almost 50 million people worldwide and someone in the world developing dementia every three seconds, research into dementia is now more urgent than ever.
We are delighted to launch this joint fellowship with Race Against Dementia, powered by Sir Jackie’s vision and commitment to dementia research.
These fellowships form part of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation’s 2020 grant round, with more than $1.7 million in funding on offer for early-career researchers.
This is an incredibly valuable initiative, and we are excited to be joining Race Against Dementia’s international network of early-career researchers. I look forward to seeing the outcomes of the research.

Professor Graeme Samuel AC, Chair of the Dementia Australia Research Foundation

I am excited to join the Race Against Dementia team, and am very grateful for this opportunity. Sir Jackie’s vision to apply high-performance elements from F1 to dementia research is a unique and potentially very effective approach to streamlining dementia research and allowing breakthroughs to be made at a more rapid pace.
This prestigious fellowship will be an invaluable opportunity to develop my career and allow me to collect evidence that sleep disturbances such as the hypoxemia seen in obstructive sleep apnea are a crucial modifiable risk factor for dementia. Furthermore, I will use these findings to develop tools that can be routinely implemented in clinics to allow for early intervention and management of the cognitive decline that predisposes individuals to the onset of dementia. This fellowship is also about so much more than pure research. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to engage with the best minds across academia, industry and beyond. In doing so, learning from and engaging in global collaborations with industry leaders and other crucial external stakeholders will facilitate more rapid advances in dementia research through assimilating expert knowledge across diverse fields.

Dr Andrew McKinnon, RAD/DARF Fellow, The University of Sydney

I receive the Race Against Dementia – Dementia Australia Research Foundation postdoctoral fellowship with great excitement and pleasure. My full appreciation goes to Sir Jackie Stewart and his desire to implement novel technologies in ameliorating the harmful impact of the different forms of dementias on our society. This fellowship provides me with the unique platform to work with and be mentored by great minds in the field of fronto-temporal dementia (FTD) here at the University of Queensland, Australia as well as with collaborators in multiple countries across the world. The efficiency of teamwork during pit stops in Formula One perfectly represents my vision on how major solutions will be discovered in overcoming dementia. I anticipate that many great strides will be made this new decade in providing clarity on the onset and progression of FTD and in generating different therapeutics. I look forward to working as a RAD fellow in making these happen as soon as possible.

Dr Kunle Bademosi, RAD'DARF Fellow, The University of Queensland

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