Dr Christy Hung: Better life, better performance — my journey with Hintsa Performance to build a healthy and balanced life

Posted on the 2nd October 2020

As part of the on-going personal development programme, RAD has recently partnered with Hintsa Performance, a world leader in human high-performance coaching, to provide one-to-one personalised coaching to our fellows.

F1 is undoubtedly one of the most competitive sports in the world where optimal performance and exceptional attention to detail are required at all times. The experiences of working in this fast-paced environment inspired Dr Aki Hintsa to start Hintsa Performance. And he developed the philosophy that ‘good life leads to high performance - when you take care of your well-being and the different elements of it you will be able to function at your full potential.’

In my first session with Dan Sims, senior performance coach at Hintsa, we discussed finding my core values - what is important to me? What defines me and what kind of characteristics do I want to represent in life? I believe identifying my core values is an important step to help me find my purpose in life. More importantly, to translate it into action, for example, by aligning my life path to what matters the most to me.

Another important area that we discussed was about finding the source of motivation and identifying obstacles that are preventing me from living according to my core values. In doing so, I can create a timeline and develop a concrete action plan to tackle each obstacle, getting one step closer to my ideal target situation.

The advice I received from Dan has helped me to stay focused and productive when I am in the lab.
I really look forward to continuing this journey with Hintsa Performance in the next few months and learning how to increase my performance and productivity through a healthy work-life balance.

Dr Christy Hung

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