Applications now open for more new RAD Fellows

Posted on the 13th July 2020

Following last week’s announcement of a new collaboration with Dementia Australia, today we are opening applications to further expand our global team of early career scientists: the RAD Fellows.  In 2019 we appointed three Race Against Dementia Fellows in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK.  We have now ring-fenced funds with ARUK to appoint three more.

Each Fellowship provides a grant of up to £500k, to fund pioneering dementia research over five years. Additionally, each of the Fellows will benefit from world class development opportunities inspired by Formula One racing and other fast paced commercial environments.

Dr Cara Croft, who is splitting her RAD Fellowship between the University of Florida and University College London, says:
“I am less than a year into my five-year research project and I have already seen the advantages of having the backing of Sir Jackie and Race Against Dementia. Dementia research is severely underfunded and my Race Against Dementia Fellowship gives me the opportunity to really investigate dementia risk in tremendous detail.”

The call for researchers is open! Potential applicants and anyone who would like further information should visit the RAD-ARUK Fellowship pages on our website here.

Full details are also available on the Alzheimer's Research UK website

“Supporting early career dementia scientists is vital to energise the dementia research field. Race Against Dementia has already funded three projects with Alzheimer’s Research UK, and a further project with The Mayo Clinic. They are all progressing marvellously, but we are not done yet, which is why we are putting even more money into this and calling for more researchers to come to us with ideas.”

Sir Jackie Stewart

“We’re delighted to partner with Alzheimer’s Research UK to fund another round of fellowships. Race Against Dementia want to fund the very best science, to accelerate progress and translate learnings from the world of Formula One into dementia research. With current progress from our researchers looking positive we are confident this fellowship scheme allows this to happen.”

Dr Penny Moyle, CEO at RAD

"Dementia research has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and funding for research like this would not be possible without the support of Sir Jackie Stewart and Race Against Dementia. Partnerships like this are critical to boost progress and, now more than ever, dementia research needs our backing."

Ian Wilson, Chief Executive at ARUK

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