COVID-19: An update from the Race Against Dementia Team

Posted on the 30th March 2020

With week one in ‘UK lockdown’ complete, the Race Against Dementia team have been reflecting on the changes that COVID-19 are having on all of us and what they mean for dementia research. The answer? We carry on!

We are all currently safe and well in our home offices, with full access to everything we need to sustain the Race Against Dementia.

As we see scientists around the world battle to find a cure for COVID-19, we are also seeing the RAD ethos being played out by technological companies shifting their resources to create ventilators for the UK’s NHS. It’s wonderful to see that RAD’s partners (Dyson, Red Bull and McLaren) are at the forefront of this collaboration. One hope is that a lasting legacy in the wake of the current crisis will be new ways of working that can then be applied to dementia research too.

We are more determined than ever to continue raising funds to tackle dementia through investing in science and behavioural change by injecting learning from commercial R&D into dementia research.

Yes things are going to look very different for a while but sadly this doesn’t change the huge number of people who are and still will be affected by these cruel diseases.

Dr Claire Durrant, one of our RAD Fellows, recorded the below video for ARUK. Her passion, enthusiasm and dedication to changing the world of dementia is reflected in all of us.

We thank you for your continuing support. We know a lot of you had been intending to raise money for RAD through running marathons, events etc, and have had to change your plans. We understand how disappointing this is but we are so grateful for the part you’re playing in the Race Against Dementia.

Please do stay in and stay well.

The RAD Team

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